The Goblin Emperor

Posted on Mar 17, 2017

The Goblin Emperor

The youngest, half-goblin son of the Emperor has lived his entire life in exile, distant from the Imperial Court and the deadly intrigue that suffuses it. But when his father and three sons in line for the throne are killed in an “accident,” he has no choice but to take his place as the only surviving rightful heir.

Do you know what a Fantasy of Manners is? I didn’t until I read this book. If you have read Game of Thrones and love all of the court intrigue than this is the book for you. If you hated all of that and spent your time reading it waiting for someone to die, The Goblin Emperor might not be the book for you.

I had no idea what I was getting into when I started this book and it was amazing. Everything moves a long at a perfect pace and you learn about the elf court as the new emperor does.

Now I just need to find more fantasy of manners books.

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