The Bow Tie Project Week Ten

Posted on Mar 12, 2017

This week was a more vintage style heart tie. It is a round point bow tie. One of the best things about all of the heart fabrics I have used is that they aren’t obviously valentine day ties. They just happen to be ties with hearts on them.

Speaking of hearts… I should probably find some St Patricks day fabric. Maybe even just a nice solid green would be nice.

Do you also love bow ties? No one needs 52 bow ties, so I was thinking I could share the making of them with others. If you want a bow tie, you just need to buy the fabric, pay for shipping, and I will add you to the list. Shoot me an email so we can set it up. I will need to know what size your neck is.

Since I also want to gain some bow ties from this experience I will be only opening up twenty-six of the fifty-two ties for people. So get in now or miss out. Fill out the form

Wish me luck and check back every week for the newest bowtie.

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