Week Eight

Posted on Feb 22, 2017

Week Eight - Dylan looking insane at the end of a panoramic of Wellington NZ

What a year!!

I mean that. This has been quite a year so far. Horrible things are happening and the only positive is that it is bringing people together to fight against the evil. So… YAY!!

But instead of complaining about all of that let’s talk Ukuleles. Ukuleles are awesome and amazing and quite possibly my favorite things ever. (read this in your best ADHD voice). This means that either I will become half-way decent or I will get bored. Right now I think about it all the time.

I am lucky because my mom had a ukulele that she wasn’t playing that she let me borrow. I realized, when she just happened to have one for me to use, that my mom is a musical person. Not a person that breaks into song, but a person that need music in her life.

When I was taking piano lessons as a kid, so was my mom. She has been in various choirs for most of my life and currently has a grand piano in the living room where she practices classical music. She is kind of a badass.

Which makes in unsurprising how much I love music. I love singing, though I am not very good, and I can still play the piano, though my memory of the songs I knew is shrinking with each year that passes. The ukulele seems to fit in with my idea of what is awesome.

It is little, fun, and makes noise. Almost every thing I love fits into at least one if not two of those categories. Cats: Small and Fun. Video Games: Small, fun, and loud. The list goes on and on.

Now I just need to perfect my awesome Uke skills and somehow add that into my juggling show. Maybe I can learn how to play calliope music on it or something. Who knows?

Have a good week everyone.

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