Week Seven

Posted on Feb 15, 2017

Week Six - Dylan looking insane at the end of a panoramic of Wellington NZ

So…this happened.

Other than that it has been a good week. Well…a stressful week. I have been dealing with things in my own way.

I just finished The Name of the Wind. It is just as good as everyone told me it would be. It was a good book to have while dealing with feelings, since it allowed me to escape into the world of Kvothe.

Recently I decided that I should learn to play an instrument. A stringed instrument to be exact. Many moons ago I wanted to learn how to play the Banjo. But I never bit the bullet and bought a banjo and started to learn.

I think it had a lot to do with not wanting to spend money on something that my ADHD brain might give up on before getting started. So that was added onto the pile of things I wanted to learn but haven’t taken the time to learn.

As I was driving around on Saturday I remembered that my mom had a Ukulele. That would be perfect. Sure it isn’t a mandolin or banjo, but it is an instrument you strum with strings. This makes it a perfect place for me to get my feet wet without having to spend a lot of money.

I have started practicing and learning chords. I am not 100% on the process of learning a musical instrument or how playing the piano\tuba years ago will hope, so it is a wait and see how it goes.

Also this happened.

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