The Bow Tie Project Week Three

Posted on Jan 22, 2017

Navy with colored triangles Bow Tie

This was one of the fabrics that Sarah brought home for me. I got a text from her asking, “Do you have too many navy bow ties?” Of course you can never have too many navy ties, so she brought it home.

The colors are wonderful. The pink and green look great with everything. Not visible in the picture is that the gold is shiny. It is also the second diamond point tie I made. This is on the new pattern that I made.

When finishing this one I made sure to push the points of the diamonds out so that it was sharp and crisp. It looks really nice tied and is one of the favorites that I have made.

It is now time to get into new fabrics. I have bought so many, and I am excited about them. Also coming soon: Batwing and round point ties. Yay.

The bow tie first entered the scene as a new style of necktie in the beginning of the 19th century; a modification of its predecessor, the cravat. By the mid 1880s, the bow tie had become a staple in the fashion conscious man’s wardrobe.

Do you also love bow ties? No one needs 52 bow ties, so I was thinking I could share the making of them with others. If you want a bow tie, you just need to buy the fabric, pay for shipping, and I will add you to the list. Shoot me an email so we can set it up. I will need to know what size your neck is.

Since I also want to gain some bow ties from this experience I will be only opening up twenty-six of the fifty-two ties for people. So get in now or miss out. Fill out the form

Wish me luck and check back every week for the newest bowtie.

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