Book 'em Dylo - A Confession

Posted on Apr 30, 2014

I have failed.

I am really bad at picking books off the list. Everyone did such a nice job making this list with me and I have tried very few books off of it. Part of the problem is that the book I first picked off of it was way out of my comfort zone for books. It was Evolution by Stephen Baxter. The idea of this book is fantastic but I just couldn’t get into it. I plan on giving it another run once I get through a couple more books.

What have I been reading?

The Divergent Trilogy - This was recommended by one of Sarah’s students and since I am a fan of YA novels I gave it a try. I thought that Veronica Roth did a good job of telling a great story and wasn’t afraid to make hard choices with her characters.

Hard Magic - This book was recommended by my comic book friend Audrey. I really enjoy alternate histories and Larry Correia does a great job of committing to his choices. Also Faye is my current favorite heroine. If you like magic/super powers and hate the murder of the United States check this book out.

Surprisingly that is all I have read (I think) since I posted the list. I need to go back over the list and pick out some more books to try. Or maybe I will just go back to Evolution and give it another try.

I think the problem I am having with the book list is that the books I have tried off the list have been hard. I read primarily for fun and I don’t like having to work my way through difficult language or concepts. I am a lazy reader. I am sure that reading these books will make me a better reader as well as make me think about different things… but I don’t really want to.

Whenever Harper recommends a book to me I have to ask him if it is sad. He usually answers “It’s rough.” Since I read primarily for pleasure and don’t really like crying I usually avoid those books. I should probably stop doing that. I might even enjoy a good cry every now and then.

Well… I am off to pick something from the list… wish me luck.