We are Dylan and Dylan

Posted on Apr 27, 2014

A couple years ago I received an email from Harper inviting Sarah and I to hang out over a weekend. I was excited that they must be in Colorado. I told Sarah who pointed out that they said also invited Milo… which was a little confusing. We soon realized (Sarah sooner than I) that Harper meant his work friend Dylan who also has a wife named Sarah.

This is not an uncommon mistake that is made. There was a time when Harper yelled via instant message that I needed to get something done ASAP. I was super confused and then got a “Sorry wrong window” message.

When Sarah and I were out visiting an went to the Threadless 10 year party the other Dylan rode with us. So we decided then and there to get this whole thing figured out. The other Dylan identifies as French and so he was going to be French Dylan and I would be American Dylan. However this was during a time when french fries where being call freedom fries so I declared that it would be un-American-Dylan of me to call him French Dylan. So he became Freedom Dylan. I like to think it helped out amongst the Dylans to have this worked out.

This mistake hadn’t been made in a while until the other day when I recieved this email:

Hi Dylan,
Can you make that call tomorrow? Sorry for the late notification, the contract just came to me today. Can you confirm?

Of course I confirmed. I wasn’t sure what it was for but I was ready for anything. After I responded that I could make it this is the email I recieved:

Thank you, Dylan.
And the flight info, as soon as you have some time, and >I’ll get that booked for you.

I was like “WHAAAAaaaaAAAAT!! I realized I was in over my head so I called Harper.

“Harper, did you give my name to someone at ATG?”

“No, why?”

“I just got an email about a conference call and then flight info.”


This is a pretty typical conversation between Harper and I. He told me to respond and say that she owes me a gig now. So I did.

This is a little awkward but I think you may have the >wrong Dylan. I think you are looking for Dylan Richard of >Modest and this is Dylan Reed. I am Harper Reed better >looking younger brother so it is an easy mistake to make.

I admit I was a little confused at first since I hadn’t >heard from you previously but I am all about new things >and figured this was just a new opportunity. I called >Harper and he told me to let you know that you had the >wrong Dylan and to let you know that I am looking for >gig.

Well… kind of. She responded with:

Oh crap, lol, crap crap. See what happens when you go to work hungover and tired? I’m working a deal with Dylan Richards. Silly me.
I’ll pass on your info to Ellis, I’m sure he’ll want to >reach out.
Sowwy (pushing my toe into the dirt and twisting).

Since this whole exchange made me laugh so much I knew I had to make it into a blog post. But it is nicer to ask/warn the other parties:

No worries. This is totally going into a blog post later. >Do you want me to change your name to protect the >innocent/guilty? I can also cut it out altogether if
you would prefer.

Which prompted:


Needless to say this was one of my favorite email exchanges of recent months. I am a little bummed that I didn’t get to go on some fancy trip and whatever Freedom Dylan got to do but I did get to have some fun.