Posted on Apr 4, 2014

I have been working on writing outside my comfort zone more. I am fairly comfortable writing in this blog style or even longer pieces in the non-fiction preachy style of so many self help type books, however I am not good at fiction. That being the case I have been trying to find a way to write more in the fiction area while getting immediate gratification. Then it hit me!! Serial Stories!!

Why has no one done this before. Here is how it will go down. I will write a chapter at a time and post it as soon as I am done. Then at regular intervals I will release another chapter… Until the story is done.

Is your mind blown? It should be. I think this is a project that could catch on and other people could start doing it. How neat would it be if you could go online and read a chapter from many different stories. And then go back later and read more.


I have been writing a lot more lately and I have discovered that I really enjoy writing. It helps me clear out my head as well as allowing me to get ideas out on the page. I have been working on a piece lately that I really like and am hopefully going to publish soon.

Part of that process has been getting it edited by a professional. This is both amazing and scary. Truthfully it is just amazing. I learned that I use a lot of that is/this is statements as well as a lot of weak words when describing things. Hopefully this process will make me a better writer.

As soon as I have the piece finished up I will post a link. Also I am pretty serious about this serial idea. Stay tuned because there may be some interesting things happening. Or not.