Well Crap Sandwiches: Update

Posted on Jun 26, 2013

This is not a good news update. Of course it is not a bad news update. Just an update of sorts.

I haven’t received any news of my balloon stuff being found. I have checked pawnshops in Greeley and talked to the police. Strangely this isn’t a top priority for the police. I have resigned myself to having to get a new balloon set up. I am going to go with the Twist-em-up apron again as it has been the best apron I have used in the 16 years I have been doing this. I am thinking about getting one of the more colorful aprons as opposed to the all black on I got last time. I am thinking the red multi-color is the way to go. Though I do like the purple… I have to get the Jumbo because of the quantity of balloons I carry.

Balloon wise I am completely out of balloons and need to order some up. To get 36 colors of balloons(which will fill the apron completely twice) it is about $220. I think that will last me longer then the summer, though I seem to be getting busier all the time so who knows. I order through T Myers Magic. I have been researching other options for maybe getting balloons cheaper but I have a history with them and they have always taken good care of me. Pump replacement will be about $15 and I am pretty sure I have a couple spares lying around.

To carry it all I kind of want to get this. I think it is the upgraded model of what I have. I plan on putting signs all over it once I have it as well as some sort of message that says: Contains Balloons Not Computers!! That should prevent future stealing of my balloons. Or I hope it does.

What is frustrating about the whole things is that I haven’t had to order a full load of balloons in a while. I have been just filling the gaps in my balloons and using up old stock for the past couple years. I also acquired my apron, briefcase and pumps over the past 15 years. Having to drop the $400 to replace them is annoying.

I have now replaced all my balloon stuff except the briefcase thing. My parents told me they have something that will be perfect for me to carry it all in. So I just need to go get that sometime.