Happy New Year!!

Posted on Mar 26, 2013

I guess I may be a little late on this. Whatever.

Things that have happened so far this year. I was laid off by Graphicly because they no longer need an android tester(what?). At least that is what I was told. I looked for a job. For about 4 weeks solid I hammered the internet pavement and the real world pavement looking for a job. I found none. Apparently the job market sucks.

Luckily my dad always needs help. And even though I am pretty sure I said I would never go back to that place I have been enjoying it quite a bit. I think that I have grown quite a bit as an employee and so it should go better.

I have been clowning a little bit more then normal for this time of year. Not a lot more… but a little more. I was lucky enough to see Eugene Burger at a conference I attended with Harper. It was amazing. He does things with cards that I only dream about. The best part about it was that I am now inspired to start being more hardcore with the magic.

I went to Sun Valley Utah(actually Idaho but I was told it was Utah leading up to the trip) for Dent(This would be the conference referenced in the last paragraph). Harper was speaking there and he had a +1 so I joined him. It was a good time. I will post more about the fun that was the conference later.

In other news I received a Wii U from my parents, harper and Sarah for my birthday. I love it. Sarah and I have been playing the shit out of some Mario. I love being able to help Sarah with the platforming without being in the way like on the other Mario coop titles. I have been playing Black Ops 2 and Lego City Undercover(forever referred to as GTA:Lego). I think that Nintendo created a wonderful product that once again is pushing what a console should do. I am not sure it is as groundbreaking as motion control was but I think it adds to gaming in a positive way.

Now that I have a normal job I hope to rock out some new projects and finish up some older projects. Check back for a post on that as well.

Thats what I have been doing for the last couple months.