Running through Sprinklers

Sarah and I have been getting up in the mornings and walking. We average about 2.5 miles and it is a great time to just talk. We wonder all over our neighborhood and occasionally grab a treat. The other day we were walking home and it was hot. Super hot. Then we saw them: Sprinklers. We ran through them like crazy people. This got me thinking about hobbies.

Hobbies are funny things. Everyone has at least one, even if it is unacknowledged, and they make us happy. Hobbies are also tricky. Balancing your work with your hobbies is like a tightrope.

Few of us are blessed with hobbies that translate easily into work. Or at least a lucrative work. Plus hobbies always cost money; either in supplies, equipment or time, which means in order to advance in your hobby you may have to work more at your real job.

My main hobbies, as I see them, are SCUBA diving and Entertaining. Of my hobbies entertaining is the easiest to make money with. Diving is a little more difficult to monetize. Or at least the more expensive of the two to monetize. Of course monetizing a hobby isn’t the true goal of a hobby. Once you do that it isn’t a hobby anymore.

I have been entertaining more lately and I really like it. What I like best about it is the fact that it isn’t my job. It is just something I do on the weekends and random days to make some extra money. I think that the stress of making my money only from entertaining would make me not as entertaining.