The Accidental Hipster

Posted on Apr 27, 2012

I have joked about this a lot but it is unfortunatly true. I am an accidental hipster. I wear the skinny jeans, the threadless shirts, the thick framed glasses and am always trying to grow a moustache or forgetting to shave. The nice thing is it has all been Harper’s fault.

You see, when Harper worked at threadless I ended up with a lot of t-shirts. I think it is because Harper was too cool to wear them… so I got them. I have lucked out and been just a little skinnier then Harper most of the time. He would have a pair of jeans that didn’t fit anymore and poof I would have new jeans. And now he gets me jeans whenever he is in Japan. Which makes me even more hipster because I don’t even get my jeans in the States. Then there are my glasses, which Harper recieved from someone and never wore or really opened… so I got them.

The shaving is all me though. Because I am lazy.

Thanks Harper!!