Lucky Awesome Super Book Fun Times

Posted on Apr 18, 2012

I recently had the pleasure of reading a whole slew of awesome books. I have no complaints about what I read normally I just had an incredible run of luck with the last four books I read.

Ready Player One:

This book was and still is amazing. I would suggest that everyone put down what they are reading, unless it is one of the other three, and start reading it NOW. The book follows the adventures of Wade and his quest to find the three keys hidden in Oasis. I know… sounds awesome. Now imagine that the quest for the keys takes place in a completely digital world. MINDBLOWING!!!!!

On top of me loving the book Sarah also loved it. This is a book that needs an sequel or Mr. Cline to write another amazing book. GET ON IT CLINE!!

The next book that was awesome was one that I read to get Sarah to read Ready Player One.

Sister: A Novel:

This is a mystery. Why it was good is not the mystery, the actual story is a mystery. Rosamund Lipton crafted an amazing story that keeps you guessing the entire time. One of the best parts of the novel is that it takes place in England and as such uses all of the awesome British slang that I love so much.

Also there is a twist in this book that boggles the mind. Not only that but there is a nice sci-fi element in this story that reminds me of reading Robin Cook novels without all of the Robin Cook-ness.

The third book was one I hadn’t planned on reading but stumbled upon and decided to give it a chance.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter:

Who doesn’t love fake history about one of our beloved presidents slaying vampires. This book had more sadness then I thought it would, though most of that has to do with Mr. Lincolns life then the Vampires. Or not…

Gramhame-Smith can write some serious action. I enjoyed all of the fight scenes and wish more action in books was this well written. Also more people need to use axes as a weapon of destroying evil. The number of things that Abe does to Evil with his axe is amazing.

The fourth book was one that was recommended by my father. He even loaned me a hard copy of the book.

Old Man’s War:

This was super awesome epic sci-fi crazy. Given my choice this is the kind of book I love reading. Crazy aliens, awesome future tech, romance; all of the things that make sci-fi sci-fi. Also John Scalzi doesn’t beat around the bush. He just tells it like it is. Explains things to the reader without holding their hand.

The main character grow so much during the book and really starts to become real. I enjoyed this book at least as much as I enjoyed Ender’s Game. It is probably because of the ' in the title. This book reminded me that I need to read more science fiction.

So there are the four super awesome books you should read. Now. If you can only read one go with Ready Player One. It is fantastic. All of them are awesome so hopefully you can read them all.