Finishing Shit

Posted on Apr 10, 2012

I am currently suffering from to many projects and not enough time to finish them. Add to this the normal things that are life and I need to figure out how to get things finished. Part of the problem is that I am not recieving all the support I need from my partners in crime. Some of this is laziness on their end some of it is me not asking for help when I need it. The other part of the problem is that I love all of my projects. ALL OF THEM.

This post is to hopefully put these projects in prespective for me allowing me to choose an order to finish them. So without further ado here are the projects I am working on and their current status.

  1. Falling Cats - This is a pretty big one. I started making this one more then a year ago and it is slowly coming into being. I am at the ever so crucial bug smashing stage. The problem that I am running into is that the game isn’t what I want it to be. I don’t want to take any steps backwards and succumb to feature creep, but… there are things that I want the game to have that will make the game awesome. Not sure which way to go with this one. Those of you that don’t know Falling Cats is a game where cats fall from the sky and you control a blob that catches the cats. The original plan was to have a story mode complete with boss fights and an arcade mode where you just try to catch as many cats as possible. I chopped out the story mode to save time. Last night as I was looking at the game I realized that that was a mistake. I am now trying to decide if I release Falling Cats as it is to get it done or take the extra couple weeks to add in the story mode. As it stands this is probably priority number one, I have invested a lot of my time into this project so I feel I should finish it soon. The problem is that I don’t know which direction to go. Do I polish and publish what I have or do I add story mode and work my ass off for a another month before publishing?
  2. Learning Python - This is more of a pet project. I am interested in learning to program so that I will no longer have to use GameSalad to make the games that I want. I should be able to get a good handle on this if I focus on it for a couple weeks or a month at the most. The problem is that I find learning programing to be BORING. I guess it isn’t that bad I just have a hard time staying focussed when I am learning. I am going to be Learning Python the Hard Way, thanks to Harper buying me a course at UDEMY, I just need to start it. I think the hardest thing with this project is that the value comes later.
  3. Magic - I have been learning/ performing magic for a while now. Sadly I haven’t been practicing as much as I should or learning new tricks. I have a whole slew of new tricks I want to learn but I have been working on other things instead. Magic is just so time consuming to learn, taking so much practice before you get the pay off of blowing someones mind. I have also notices the last couple times I have performed card tricks that my slights are weak due to lack of practice. I need to dedicate about an hour a day to practicing magic in order to get my skills back up to speed and learn some new tricks.
  4. Fast Milo - My dad wrote/illustrated Fast Milo when Harper and I were kids. It is the story of Milo who likes to go fast. I have read it many times and think it is awesome. I am currently working on digitizing/coloring Fast Milo so we can publish it digitally a little slicker then how it is currently. This project was actually my dads idea and I thought it was a good one. I am doing this entire thing on my iPad which has been an interesting experience. Currently I just have one page done and it took me about 2 hours from start to finish. I am not 100% please as I am not sure if I should add shading or if I should leave it flat. I spend so much time looking at comic books and I am amazed at how colorists are able to add so much depth to images. I think I will go back and shade the first page and then let Harper and my dad decide which one they like better.
  5. Awesome Guys/ Mompheous Bros. - I am currently in the process of editing and lengthening some stories that I have children’s stories that I have written. Not sure where these are going but I have at least one that is ready to be sent out to agents/publishers for rejection letters publishing. Of course that means that I need to do research on children’s book publishers, unless I want to use Graphicly to do the non-traditional approach. If I go that route I will need to find illustrator(s) or illustrate myself, which could potentially be a pain in the ass. The nice thing about this project is that once I send stuff off to publishers I will have at least a month to work on other projects while I wait to hear back. However if I go the non-traditional route I will need to do all of the publishers job myself.
  6. Joe and Em’s- Sarah and I started this blog a while ago. Not very well… but we started it. The hope is to make it into a look into our handmade life. The problem with this project has been time. Sarah is the primary person behind this project and she has had a crazy school year. The hope is that this summer we can really get to work on this blog and get into a routine of posting that will allow us to be successful.

I am not going to lie. This process of listing out all of my current projects did nothing to help me prioritize. Damnit. I just need to commit to finishing them all I guess. Probably do some sort of crazy schedule that will allow me to work on each one everyday. Oh and this Fast Milo sprite I made totally has hands… they are just a little too light for the white background.