On Comic Books

Posted on Sep 7, 2011

Thanks for Bob King I have started reading comics again. The problem was that when I first started I didn’t know what to read. Through his suggestions I started reading a lot of DC comic issues. I have really enjoyed them and all that but now there is a problem. They are relaunching everything. I find this irritating because I had just started to get into the books I have been getting and now they are restarting everything. So all the things that I loved are starting from square one again.

I realize that this is a trick by DC to get a whole pile of new readers, but at what cost. Maybe if you didn’t make your mythology so insane you wouldn’t have to reboot all the time. As was pointed out to me Marvel also does this. Which is great for Marvel. My problem is that they are killing off comics that I love. Like Batgirl. Sure they are relaunching it with the original batgirl again… which is great except I have no history with the old batgirl.

I think this is why I like independent comic book creators. They don’t do stupid stuff like this. You don’t see Robert Kirkman saying hey it has been a lot of fun with the Walking Dead but I have killed off too many people and so I am going to start over again with issue one. At least I hope not. Robert Kirkman if you reboot anything I will punch you in the throat though the internet. If you wanted to write more astounding wolfman I would be ok with that.

What makes me laugh is that I am not upset with the rebooting of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Why? Because the turtle kick ass and haven’t been comic booked in a while. Plus it has gone back to a darker/weirder time. And they aren’t just reintroducing the same thing again. They are attempting to take the turtles in a different direction. Which is called growth and is a good thing.

I hope that DC is successful with this reboot, mostly so I can read batman and batman related comics. If not I hope that Image comics takes over the world. Now on a completely different note, I give you The Boys, a comic that is not for everyone but for people who are sick, sick bastards. I really enjoyed what I read so far. Please keep in mind that it is not safe for work or even to read around other people. Enjoy.