Chibi Chibi Ho

Posted on Feb 4, 2011

Yesterday I didn’t leave my house. This worries me a little bit because I don’t really want to be a hermit. It may be too late but we can hope.

It seems to me that over the past couple years, while working for my dad and then going to CSU that I had very little free time. This suited me just fine. I enjoyed being busy all the time and as I learned yesterday I am not very good at being left to my own devices.

I got up yesterday morning and made breakfast as per the usual, I then saw Sarah off to her day at work and then I set up my laptop on the table and started working on the redesign, which is getting there but I am not 100% jazzed about it yet. That is is. After that I got up to do human things, such as eat and something else that ends in a ‘t’, but not much else.

The problem is that I had errands to do that need to get done this week, and don’t worry once my phone finishes syncing I will be off to do them, but instead of doing them yesterday I designed, drew, played games, drew and designed most of the day. On a drawing/design front it was pretty productive but I felt like a total slacker that evening when I had to admit that the two things I was supposed to do yesterday were incomplete but I had taken the time to redesign a website that doesn’t make money or get read by very many people.

Then it hit me, this is why Harper and Co have the Canoe Club. It forces you to leave the house. Sure when they get to the Wormhole they may just sit around and do computer stuff but they are outside of their houses. I need this. I need to make friends with people in Greeley that can meet up once a week to make sure that I get out of my house more then just to go to work. Of course since I do have a job it can make it more difficult to make a set time but I am willing to try.

As far as drawing went yesterday I drew the Chibi at the top of the post and I also did my personal favorite drawing of 2011.

[caption id=”” align="aligncenter” width="375” caption="Enter the Haytrix”][/caption]

I also drew a jet but I am not as jazzed about that.

Goals for next week:

  1. Design Characters for secret project #1
  2. Finish my iPhone game
  3. Leave house on my day off and go somewhere(that would be Friday for those tat care)
  4. Get ready to be Thirty next Monday
  5. ???

Hope everyone has a nice weekend and eats an ungodly amount of food while watching all the commercials this Sunday.