Drawing Fun Update

Posted on Jan 30, 2011

I really enjoy drawing, as I think I have mentioned, i just wish I was better at it. I was going to try and work my way through a drawing book a month but I found that starting with the comic book super hero style to be a step above what I felt I could do. Rather then abandon my idea all together I found another book: Cartoon Cool by Chris Hart. This book has a lot of fun stuff in it and the style of drawing is reminiscent of Jetsons Cartoons. Not only do I really enjoy this style of art but it is very fun to play with. It is much more playful then traditional comics and I think it fits my comic ideas a lot better.

If you read the previous post you saw the drawings I have done so far. I have been spending a lot of my energy doing everyones favorite task: copying. I have done a couple drawings completely on my own… they are not awesome but then they are also not crap. Well the first one is but they are getting better as I train my eye and my hand to work together and draw what I want.

What I love about drawing, and this is something that my figure drawing instructor was big on, is that it is a learned skill. It isn’t something that you have to be born with innate ability, sure it helps, you just have to be dedicated enough to sit down and do it over and over. For some reason I am able to site down and draw for a couple of hours, no matter how repetitive it becomes, and yet I am unable to sit and do math homework. Ever.

What I need is a scanner. These crappy photographs of my drawings are nice… I guess, but I really need a scanner to be able to show them to everyone. Of course I don’t want to buy a scanner so I will be forced to use my mom’s scanner, if only I was patient enough to wait. I will attempt to start waiting and post a bunch of scans once a week.

I hope you keep checking back and enjoying the drawings. I will keep drawing and will continue to post them. I will make sure to tweet after new pictures are put up on flickr so follow me so you know when.