Taking a Ride on the Wayback Machine

Posted on Dec 2, 2010

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On or around June 2004 I recieved a package from my crazy-ass brother. It contained on of the most fun presents I haverecieved from harper. My Neighborhoodie. There is quite a story behind this hoody of which harper’s part is outlined here. I have long meant to write a post about this and have never done so. Mostly because I am lazy. We it is now more then six years later and I figured it was time to write about the hoody.

When I recieved the strange package from harper I was nervous, mostly becuase his presents are sometimes tricks. I opened it right away and un folded the hoody. I saw the Dylan Rules right away and was pumped. Unfortunatly for harper’s secret plan I also saw the PENIS (which was cleverly hidden under the hood) as well.

I called harper right away and we had a good laugh about the hoody. And I started wearing it. I wore it everywhere. Rarely with the hood up, but while I was wearing it I always had a great time knowing that I could put the hood up.

As time past I would forget about the PENIS and start to put the hood up. Or I would be wearing under another jacket and I would put the hood up as I was doning the other jacket. Inevitably someone would see it and then I would have to tell the story. And it is a funny story. Not everyone thought so but I always found it funny.

I love this hoody. I wear it more then I wear anyother hoody and possibly any other sweater. I have nothing but positive things to say about the quality of the sweater, though I am a little sad that it couldn’t make it to the decade mark but six years is still pretty good. You may be asking why it isn’t going to make it to the decade mark. It is pretty simple, I am rough on clothes. It has been stained a few times, it has a few holes and one of the pockets is starting to come unsewn/ripped. I have decided to retire the hoody since it is getting almost to ratty to wear.

It is pretty sad.

Let’s have a moment of silence for the hoody.

Ok. Now that that is handled, it is time to look into the future. I need to get another Neighborhoodie ASAP. I am not sure how but I need to get on this soon. I also need to decide what it should say (probably DYLAN RULES) and whether or not I should include the PENIS (of course I should).

If you haven’t checked out Neighborhoodies yet, you should. Their stuff is a little bit pricey but it is well worth it and what is $60-100 between friends.