Summer Projects

Posted on Jun 12, 2010

Well it sumer here at the Reed compartment and since both Sarah and I have almost all of the summer off this has become the summer of projects. Here is a quick breakdown of what we have going on.

  • Photodork- Sarah has reinvented her blog by taking a photo a day and writing about it. So far she is kicking but and taking names and is doing a much better job of posting on a regular basis then I am. Check it out and enjoy the pictures.
  • House- We have built a flower box and a desk so far. We have to finish the floors this summer or I think Sarah will kill someone, probably me.
  • Veggie Fight- My horrible web-comic is what I have been spending my time on. I need to work a little harder and try to get ahead so I can focus more on my drawing then just throwing it together super quick.
  • Joe and Em’s- Sarah and I our launching a new site that will show all of our baking, cooking and craft projects. Should be awesome. Seriously awesome.

Honestly I think that is about all we have been doing. Hopefully it all goes well. Check out all the websites and subscribe to the ones you like. Hope your summer is going good.