Oh Shucks, I am a liar

Posted on Apr 25, 2010

I, Dylan Reed, am going to start writing everyday again. I am not going to falter in this. I will write down all of the random thoughts and if I feel it is worthy I will put it on the blog.

I said that about a year ago in this post. As you may have noticed I have totally faltered in this. I did not even come close to writing everyday in the past year and I certainly failed as a blogger. What is interesting about this is that I really want to write more and blog more it just seems that my life has been overrun with other things. It is time for me to step back and pick some things to let go and pick things to pursue fully. That way I will be able to be more of a rockstar and less of a lamestar in my life. Like most blog posts that I write after I have been gone for a while this one will be full of sweeping plans and changes that I am going to make in my life. I hope that this time some of them stick. Well here goes.

  • School: Right now school is my number one priority in life, aside from continuing Sarah and my’s awesomeness, and I hope that that can continue into the future. The only problem is money. School is expensive and we are suffering from some serious money problems right now. Nothing that we cannot handle but it is still a lot tight a lot of the time.
  • Yoga: You may or may not know that Sarah and I have become huge fans of yoga and I find it to be relaxing and fullfilling. We have been lucky enough to find a studio that is inexpensive and that has really good instructors. I hope that we can continue to enjoy yoga and that I continue to find relaxation from it.
  • Writing: I really enjoy writing. I find it to be an almost zen like activity and wish that I could make it into a way to make money. Of course it would then become a job and not fun. Or would it. I don’t really know.I hope to start blogging more regularly and I am going to try my best to write everyday.
  • Games: I play both tabletop and video games and find them both very satisfying. I found a site online that lets me continue to play tabletop games one post at a time and it has been quite a bit of fun. The really nice thing is that it takes about two minutes to post and you only really need to check once a day. The games take longer but there is still the element of fun that comes with real life RPGs. It also allows me with an outlet for my writing.
  • Work: I currently have two jobs. One as a gymnastic coach which I love/hate depending on how the other coaches are acting if the kids are being good and one where I help a friend of the family in a personal assistant type position. I really like my second job but unfortunately it is in Denver and cannot be done all the time as a part time job since I go to school in Fort Collins.

So… I will totally post more, I swear.