Really NPR

Posted on Apr 16, 2009

I was listening to NPR this morning and was very interested in the story about Vietnam banning dancing. I found the story to be fascinating because I take my right to dance very seriously. I was already wondering if whoever proposed the law had watched Footloose. Do they really want tractor-chicken to replace dancing in Karaoke bars? I also fail to see the connection between dancing, prostitution and drugs. I could connect two of the three pretty easy but all three is hard.

Other then my appellation at the potential of dance banning I was disappointed in NPR’s treatment of the story. Making the connection to Footloose I can understand, because in the movie dancing was against the rules, however the forced connection to Seinfeld(2:10) was uncalled for.

I don’t understand what that audio clip of a Seinfeld episode had to do with the story. Is Michael Sullivan just a huge Seinfeld fan or is it that he had no decent information and just kept adding the audio from different video clips to fill the time? I am not sure if he knows that when he played that clip from Seinfeld we couldn’t see what was going on. Since I haven’t seen this episode of the show I had no idea what was going on in that clip.

Come on NPR, I expect more from you.