Buy Me a Slurpee

Posted on Mar 27, 2009

Slurpees are awesome. I have had a love-love relationship with slurpees for quite a while. It probably started when our old babysitter Amy used them as bribes for our good behavior. It would started simple enough, if Harper and I were not little shits she would buy us snacks from 7-11. It also became a type of reward after soccer practices and the like. Poor Amy probably spent a good part of whatever my parents paid her.

Then in high school Sarah and I used to go get slurpees after play practices. I think that this was how Sarah and I dated. Of course both of us were dating other people, but we really got to know each other during this time. Some of my fondest memories from high school were spent in my bug drinking slurpees and talking about whatever.

Recently I have taken to getting a slurpee as often I can. As often as I can tends to be everyday that I am at work. I am strictly a coke slurpee man. The delicious frozen soda is really the only soda I have now and I love it. Today, for instance, I had to do a lot of showings. The unfortunate part of doing a lot of showings is that people tend to not show up for their showings leaving me bored and alone in my car. Slurpees make this boredom pass a lot quicker.

You have probably noticed the buy me a slurpee option over in the left sidebar. If you haven’t I am not sure if you are paying attention since it really stands out. What you have to do is click on the slurpee which will take you to paypal. I have the amount set to the exact cost of a large slurpee. Try it.