Too Much

Posted on Mar 26, 2009

The internet is a funny thing. It seems that the more I get involved with it the more I have to get involved with it. I am on Twitter, Ginx (which uses twitter), Facebook, MySpace, worpress (both at and for my personal site), I have a site I designed for my clowning, there is Sarah’s Blog, Google Groups, Google Reader, Gmail, Google Apps, Etsy, viddler, Google Calendar, flickr, iTunes, and Aims Community College’s site

These are all the places I visit on a daily basis. And for what? I don’t get anything from these sites. Sure, I might get a little bit of traffic from some of them but do I really need all of them. I am not like Harper, a super internet guru. In fact I really don’t like all of the crap that you “have” to do to be successful on the internet.

What should I do? I am thinking about killing all of my accounts. It will make my life simpler and give me more time to do what I like to do, write. I am a little worried that my 71 followers on twitter will be lost without me, but since I only know about 10 of the rest are not my problem. The same goes for my 170+ facebook followers. Sorry but I don’t really need to know that you are my friend, person I didn’t even know in high school.

Should I do it? I can’t really decide. I thought about making a list of pros and cons but didn’t feel that the internet is worth that kind of work. I will, of course, keep blogging and that sort of thing; I am just done with the whole social networking thing. It is too much work and I haven’t seen enough reward. If I wanted to have to work at it I would make the internet into my job. Since the internet is just a hobby I will limit it to the things that I like. Like games. And my blog. And possibly Etsy.