Yeah…About That…

Posted on Mar 25, 2009

I have had the lamest about page on this site for about a year now. Seriously it was sad. I have fixed it up now and am quite happy about it. The problem with the old one is that it felt slapped together and to be honest it was. I wasn’t even trying when I wrote it, I just felt that I needed to have an about page so I wrote an about page.

The new and improved about page is fantastic. It has all of the things I look for in an about page, except lies. I usually like to read an about page and find the one fact I am pretty sure is fabricated. I was going to add a fabricated sentence but alas I couldn’t come up with a good lie. Some of the ideas I batted around were:

  • Dylan is the founder of the Hate the Whales coalition
  • Dylan fought in the Second World War
  • Dylan likes to punch babies
  • Dylan has a bachelor’s degree

Unfortunately none of those really floated my boat. I instead went with the always fun truth disguised as lies. I also added a totally sweet picture of me holding a soda can when I was in Japan. You can’t tell very well from the picture but the can has a large breasted anime lady holding a soda bottle in her cleavage. Awesome.