The problem that has arisen

Posted on Mar 20, 2009

I have been enjoying blogging quite a bit, partly because of the joy I get in writing and partly because my writing has been getting some feedback. Positive or negative the feedback is helping to make me a better writer. Unfortunately this last week has been filled with a number of poorly written posts and today I didn’t start writing the post until 2:45pm. Last post I cited that I was having an ADHD week and having trouble focusing. This is true and until about an hour ago I didn’t know why. I now know.

Over the past month and a half I have written every weekday and most weekend days. I think the act of writing down all of the rampant thoughts that run around my brain all day has help me to find peace. By writing ideas down I have been able to give them a second look, which allows me to think about them more critically. Also writing everyday has made me, I hope, more enjoyable to read. This last week I have done very little prewriting and little or no editing. That combined with some general craziness at work has led to this blog entering a bit of a freefall which I hope to arrest with this post and the ones that follow.

I, Dylan Reed, am going to start writing everyday again. I am not going to falter in this. I will write down all of the random thoughts and if I feel it is worthy I will put it on the blog.

That being said there is a second problem. I have become more interested in the craft of writing. Because of this I have started reading more and more books on writing. You would think that this would make my writing better. The problem is that learning more about writing has made me more self-conscious of my own writing. I am always looking at what I write and wondering if it is good enough. Prior to doing all of this reading I would write what I wanted to write and fire it off to the internet without a second thought. Anyone who has been reading my blog for any length of time can see that. What I am doing now is agonizing over the simplest idea, trying to present it in a way that is both enjoyable to read and thought provoking. Every single post I have done this to I have killed. So I am going back to my old ways. I am sure that the more I read on writing the better I will become but that is no substitute for practice.

I am a little disappointed in myself today. I was feeling sorry for myself this morning when I usually publish and didn’t write anything. In fact I originally wasn’t going to publish anything. Luckily I remembered that if I miss one day, one post I may never restart. This has happened to me more than once and I want to avoid it this year. I want to write something on this blog every day this year. It may not be interesting but the writing will be there. I am sorry about the late post and I apologize, again, for the poor writing in my last two posts. I have thought about deleting them but I figure a little reminder of why I need to write everyday can only help me on my journey.