Thanks Internet (insert Thumbs-up here)

Posted on Mar 4, 2009

Today was a wonderful day. Scratch that yesterday was a wonderful day. Thanks to going back to an old email address I was able to connect with one of my good good good friends from the College of Oceaneering.

I have been looking for Josh for a long time. I had his email, then lost it. I had his phone number, then got a new phone and it didn’t make the transfer. Today out of the blue he sent an email to me. I am not entirely sure how he found it but it was insane.

I had tried to use facebook to find him. I had tried myspace. Basically I tried every internet search I could find. With no luck. So thanks to Josh for shooting me that email. You made my day.

Talking to Josh today got me thinking about dive school. Expect to see a dive school story in the next couple days.

Sorry to cop out today on a post but I have a Spanish test that I have to study for.