Refrigerator Archeology

Posted on Feb 18, 2009

I realize that with a title like refrigerator archeology this post is already starting to sound disgusting. Be not afraid gentle readers, this post has little to do with nasty moldy food and a lot to do with things thought lost being found.

Sarah and I had been married for a little over a year the first time she ended up in the hospital. I was super stressed out during this time and slightly absent minded. I got home one night, did some dishes and then went to bed. Unfortunately I took my ring off when I was doing dishes and left it on the counter.

At this point little Peter Panqueque was just a baby and liked to play with everything. The next day I got up and went back to the hospital and hung out there for the rest of the week, I didn’t even realize that I didn’t have my ring. About a week later I realized that I couldn’t find my ring and let Sarah know. We looked everywhere. I called the hospital, looked under the stove and all over the house, including the litter boxes.

It has now been over three years since we lost that ring. Sarah bought me a new ring that I have bee wearing ever since. This last weekend our refrigerator stopped working. I called my dad and he suggested that we unplug the refrigerator, clean the vents and then plug it back in. In doing this we had to pull the fridge away from the wall (thanks Bryan) and as I was sweeping all of the nasty cat hair and dust off the floor I saw a strange black circle on the ground.

At first I thought it was a gasket or an o-ring, possibly explaining the problem we were having with the fridge. Upon further inspection it became clear that it was not either of those things, instead it was my old wedding ring. It was exciting and incredible at the same time. I was so excited and couldn’t believe that we finally found the ring.

I was excited and amazed. Here was something that I had written off as being gone forever and yet we where able to find it. Even though I had given up on ever finding it, I was sad that I had lost the ring that Sarah had given me on our wedding day. Finding it has made me so happy. Plus I can accessorize and wear either of the two rings on any given day. Though honestly I will probably wear my original ring because it has more meaning to me. Plus it is black and awesome.