Where is my Morality Scale

Posted on Feb 9, 2009

I have been playing video games for a little over 10 years now and find that my life suffers from a general lack of video game awesomeness. One of the things that I find that is missing is the morality scale. The best example of this is in Bioware games like Jade Empire or Mass Effect. In these games every conversation and choice has a direct effect on how the world views and acts towards you. Another game that uses this is Fable 2. In Fable 2 your morality is based on two scales: Good/Bad and Pure/Corrupt. I think that is the scale I would prefer.

I would love to see in myself where I fall in those scales. I figure that I am generally a good person, certainly no saint but still a good person. I try to help people when I can and enjoy helping people. So I guess I would be leaning towards good on that scale. The Pure/Corrupt scale is a little trickier since I have been know to download things from the Internet that you are supposed to pay for. I have limited it to things that I have a hard time finding normally but it is still stealing. I also speed at least five over the speed limit if not ten, which is technically breaking the law. On the other hand I haven’t murdered anybody or knowingly participated in genocide. I am probably leaning towards Pure but who knows how much.

The really interesting thing about having one of these would be if you could see other peoples. I am sure that this would lead to all sorts of problems. If you did really bad things you might find that you have a hard time getting jobs or finding a place to live. This would become a whole new form of discrimination, which would in turn affect your Pure/Corrupt scale.

This would also become problematic during trials and the like. Imagine how hard it would be for police to not automatically pick the person with the worst morality scale. Also troubling would be trials, a person guilty of many bad things may be convicted of something they didn’t do purely because their scale makes them look guilty. On the flip side a mass murderer could counteract his misdeeds by doing loads of really good things allowing them to murder and appear to be even on both scales.

I guess that morality scales would cause more problems then benefits if everyone could see them. I still want to be able to see mine and see how day to day activities would be reflected on them.