Living My Life: Pt 4

Posted on Feb 5, 2009

Everything was going fine until my work buddy went on vacation. About two days after he had gone on vacation I showed up to work, walked into the office and went and asked what I was to do that day.

“I’m sorry but we don’t have any money left in the budget to keep you one any longer.”

I was appalled. I knew that as a seasonal employee I was subject to budget constraints and the like but to let someone go right before Christmas is pretty craptastic. I left that day and started looking for another job. The really messed up part about this is that once my work buddy had returned from his vacation he was told that I had walked into the office and told them that I quit.

I was able to find a job working for Community Advantage in Fort Collins with developmentally disabled people. I really enjoyed the work, it allowed me to interact with really wonderful people and provided me with a great outlet for all of my energy. I had been working there for about a month when I was promoted to supervisor and the real stress began.

As the supervisor I was able to take an office that was losing money and make it into a profitable office in about nine months. All I really had to do was bill the state properly and make sure that the work that was supposed to be done was getting done. I work at Community Advantage for a little over a year when I was laid off because the company needed to make more money so they closed my office.

Luckily my dad really came through. I lost my job on a Friday and had a new one by the following Monday. I have been working for my father ever since. I have become a certified Real Estate agent and I managed the Property Technica office for about two years before deciding to give school another go.

The first class I took was Collage Algebra. I took this first because math classes have always been my downfall. I hate doing the homework and don’t feel like I should have to do the homework if I already understand how to do the problem. I was able to scrape by with a C in that class and I couldn’t be happier.

Just one more and we are done.