Weeks in Review

Posted on Nov 11, 2008

I missed you guys, really I mean it, I missed you guys. Well at least some of you, like you, standing in the corner. Here is what has been going on. Last time we met I spoke about my love/hate problem with IKEA. Well we got a call from the delivery service not long after I posted last and needless to say are bed arrived and is put together and is awesome. The combination of new bed, feather top for our bed, Jesus blanket and being tired after work/school mean that I have been sleeping really good.

I have been getting my owned by Spanish class. This is to the point that I am scared of not passing. Well I was, then I realized that it is Spanish, that it is hard. I am an English speaker. I stand little chance against the language that is Spanish. Part of the frustration is that I am working my butt off and not doing anywhere as well as I think I should be. I am much more used to doing what I do in my English class. I realize that it is funny that I am in English 123 and Spanish 112 in the same semester. In English class I go to class, have discussions with the teacher and write papers. I don’t try very hard, mostly because I am lazy, but I get my work done on time and in a way that is acceptable to my teacher.

In Spanish I study verbs, tenses, vocabulary and tenses. Yeah I study them twice because tenses are hard. Unlike English where I rock tenses, able to switch between them with ease, in Spanish I have a hard time keeping them straight. On advantage to Spanish vs English is that word order tends to be a lot more loose. As along as the words are all in a sentence people get what you are saying. This makes it great for learning to speak the language but on the flip side it makes it harder to learn how to understand. You aren’t necessarily going to be able to recognize the sentence structure, you have to actually know all of the words.

Unfortunately I find the language to be very interesting and I am excited to learn more and more. Some day I will be fluent and then I will write secrets to my Spanish speaking readers. Take that gringos.

In the rest of my classes I am enjoying them. Art history is great because it is pictures. Being a fairly visual learner I am a big fan of pictures. I also like all of the stories that surround different time periods, Egypt I am looking at you, as well as the fact that you can see the progression of art through the ages. English, as I mentioned before, is great. I am able to write my essays pretty quickly, sure researching can suck a little but since I am writing about sharks I am very interested in my topic.

I have also noticed an increase in the number of people that I know that have started to blog. A few of them are super duper funny. A couple of them are brand new and a few of them are just another blog. The first one is my favorite. It is the blog of my friend Jon. He writes entries that amuse me to know end. I would suggest reading his from the beginning since his blog is relatively new and it would be easy to get through. Peter’s is the next blog of amusidness he writes things that we all think. I really enjoyed his post on triangle food. Unfortunately myspace hates my browser when I try to go to his blog on myspace so I am just posting his myspace Matt‘s blog. My brother in-law has finally entered into the world of blogs. I help him get it set up through word press and it can be found here. His is less then four days old and will probably be a much more personal blog to himself. There you have it all of the new blogs.

Sarah and I got Guitar Hero World Tour as a late anniversary present from my parents. It is awesome. We got the whole band package including drums, guitar and microphone. We where pretty excited about the drums and guitar, but the singing was a definite âa‚¬Å"ehâa‚¬Â, nobody wants to sing. Well we finally tried it. The singing isn’t so bad if you know the song, it is just a matter of controlling the pitch of your voice, you don’t even really have to sing or say the correct words for that matter. The interface is pretty easy to use and seems to work pretty well. The drums and guitar are as fun as we expected, we have both received blisters from playing and it basically kicks ass.

As you might have noticed I have started turning my doodles into drawings of sorts. I have started to submit more and more things to the critiques section of threadless. I am really enjoying this whole process I just wish that the people who comment on critiques where more helpful then just saying âa‚¬Å"This is dumb.âa‚¬Â This happens more often the I care to see and I always hope that people will leave some form of constructive criticism. Please take a look at my critiques.

Here is a quick rundown on my designs:

Our Lady of Bunnylupe is a design that I thought of while I was in Spanish class. We where talking about the patron saints of certain parts of Mexico and Latin America. There is of course Our Lady Guadalupe and I wondered what Rabbits in that part of the world worshiped. Bunnylupe of course.

First Ones Free is my current favorite. I love the look of the carrot giving his babies to the rabbit. I think that this design needs something more, probably some sort of shading like the others have suggested. This was one of the first designs that I drew completely on the computer. It started out with a rabbit being in love with a frog, but frogs are really hard to draw, so I changed it to a carrot. It went downhill from there. I added the scared baby carrots and viola.

What Are You Looking At? Is one that I don’t know can be printed how I would like. I imagine being a roller print where it is just rolled onto a shirt and looking awesome. I started this one in a meeting, getting a group of ducks together. I then started drawing more and more until the whole shirt was covered.

Can You Spare a Nut? The elephant needs knees. I love the look on this ones face. He looks like he really wants a peanut. Do you have one. I also started to experiment a little more with having a background that isn’t just a solid color.

T.P. Squeeze is awesome. This is a design that came quickly. Based on nothing and hilarious I need to get back to work on this one. I need to make it a little more detailed and possibly add some clouds that he is flying through.

Head/Heart a pattern that I had a lot of fun drawing. Nothing is cooler then bald heads with aviator glasses in the shape of a heart. Am I right or am I right? No I just need to perfect the over all look and get it submitted.

Don’t Judge a Bunny is my tribute to Fantasy Island and Dungeons and Dragons. One of the first designs I really worked hard on. I really like this design though I don’t know if enough people will get the idea to get it printed. I guess all I can do is try.

Photobot 5000 was a possible submission for one of the contests on threadless that I didn’t get done in time. I still want to finish this one and get it sent in to see how it fairs. I just need some time to finish it.

Well I guess that is probably enough for now,see you next time I decide to update. If you want to know when I submit more designs let me know and I will add you to the emails I am going to start sending out.

UPDATE: Sometimes blogging is hard. Peter’s blog is here, Matt’s Blog is here. I will try to focus on making less mistakes from here on out.