First Day of School

Posted on Aug 27, 2008

Well it is over. The first day of school has come and gone. My brain is dead, or at least it was dead last night. I was a super good kid and got all of my homework done right after class. So much reading. Here is a quick breakdown of what went down yesterday.

My day started at the new early time that was just invented, 5:10am. Prior to Sarah starting teaching this was an unheard of time to get up unless you where taking someone to the airport. I spent the first part of the morning helping Sarah get ready for work: packing lunch, carrying stuff to her car, etc. After she had left I got ready to go and realized that it was 6:15am and I didn’t have class until 9ish. So I did what any good kid would do, I started to read my first reading assignment in all of my books.

How, you may be asking, do I know the reading assignments? About a month prior to the semester starting I emailed my teachers and asked for a copy of their syllabus so that I could better plan my semester. All of them where very helpful and sent them to me right away. Because of this I have been able to plan out my schedule about two weeks in advance.

I was only able to get half of my reading done before I needed to head off to class. My first class is Art History I. This was a class that takes care of a humanity credit and it is also something that Sarah knows a lot about, so if I need help I can get it. The best part of this first day of class was that the teacher was someone that I went to high school with. I always figure that it can’t hurt you to know the teacher. This class was typical first day stuff. We went of the syllabus, she told us about herself, we went around the room and introduced ourselves and we got out early. Once out of class I headed straight for the common area for a grilled cheese sandwich. It was quite good for a breakfast sandwich. Note to self: Eat before class.

After enjoying my little snack I headed to my English Composition II class. This is the class that I fear will suck out all of my time. This is the 12-15 page research paper class. It has been a long time since I have had to write anything and I have never had to write more then five pages for a single paper. Amazingly that isn’t what makes me nervous. I am afraid of researching. I am relatively good at finding sources for Sarah when she needed some for papers she was writing, but I have no experience analyzing the info and writing it in an effective way.

Luckily most of the kids in my class seem to be in the same boat. We have to come up with ten topics by Thursday as well as write a paragraph or more about ourselves. So far I have come up with three topics, one that seems to be relatively strong and the rest seem to be so-so. Hopefully I can come up with at least one more good topic before generating a bunch of crap filler topics. The part of the topic assignment that is making it tricky is that the paper has to be argumentative. I guess I could argue that Killer Whales are more dangerous then Great White Sharks. All right, make that two good and two throw away topics.

After my classes where done I went to a computer lab to check emails, do some typing and reading. I was doing great until my iPod ran out of power and died. This meant that I had no music to read by and had to listen to the stupid chatter of the people sitting directly in front of me. It was about that time that I decided to change locations. I walked across campus, it was so beautiful out, to the library. The lack of noise in the library and the comfortable couches made it my new favorite study area. I was able to finish my English reading and then I decided to head home.

Once I arrived home I made up a late lunch and watched a few batman cartoons. After I had finished my lunch and root beer I decided to read part of my Art History reading and then watch a cartoon, I repeated this until my reading was finished. Since I had finished all of my work for the day I played Jade Empire for about 45 minutes until Sarah got home from work.