I Warned You

Posted on May 7, 2008

I was hanging out on the Internet and I came across this article. Dolphins, long the protectors of the human race in the sea, have been targeted by the black and white devilfish. I am of course referring to the Orca or more appropriately named Killer Whale.As I have written numerous times in the past, Orcas are not to be trusted. They have a streak of mean that is bypassed only by Hitler and possibly a vengeful god. They are the bullies and mass murderers of the sea. It is not enough to be able to eat anything you want, they have to torture and release baby seals, drown blue whales and of course capture the imagination of millions of visitors to Sea World every year.

Ranier Schimpf was leading a group of divers when they noticed that one dolphin had been separated from a pod by five of the killer whales then repeatedly rammed. The dolphin was sent flying through the air by the force of impact from whales that were several times its size. With the smaller creature finally left laying unconscious on the surface, the whales pulled it below.

This clearly shows the demon like intent of the whales, why would you hunt another intelligent being when the whole sea is your buffet. The only reason I can think is to slowly demoralize the human loving dolphins, thus paving the way for a human snack fest. This is further illustrated by this:

At that point the divers, making a decision Iâa‚¬a„¢ll only characterize as daring here, got into the water with the whales and kept filming them. This paid off, however. The whales, recognizing the humans as non-threatening, began to interact in a friendly way. The mother even presented the calf to one of the tourists, shielding it carefully, but allowing it to take a look at the strange visitors.

That was obviously a ploy to lure humans into a false sense of security with Orcas in the water. The older killer whales where probably telling the calf how tasty these humans would be once their protectors where dealt with. On a related note, they have yet to find the “shark” that attacked the man in San Diego. I think that it is possible that the Orcas have started their attacks and the blind human media is more comfortable naming Great White Sharks as the bad guys instead of facing the possibility that Shamu is evil.