Posted on Mar 18, 2008

Last Saturday night I procured for myself a copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Well I actually pre-ordered it on Saturday and picked it up on Sunday. It is a couple bundles worth of joy. There are a bunch of levels, a lot of characters to play with and it is very easy to pick up and play. My friend Jon and I played quite a few hours on Sunday and have continued to enjoy smash each other off of the levels.

Here is a breakdown of my favorite characters thus far:

  1. Zelda: There is something about kicking ass as a princess that just feels right. I mean. Never mind. She is a great all around fighter and has the ability to teleport. I probably play as her 40% of the time. She rocks.
  2. Kirby: When I first saw that Kirby was one of the fighters I started looking for the Dyson as an unlockable fighter. Alas this is not so. However being able to suck in people and steal their powers is awesome. Plus he comes in so many fabulous colors.
  3. The Shock Rat: aka Pikachou is a pretty good pick up and play character. Mostly because he cheats. So much lightning and so much rage. He is an angry little bastard. Probably because he is stuck in that ball all the time.

Another great part of Smash Bros is the fun I had at lunchtime with my cousins. We quickly got lunch and then went to do battle. Basically we battled for about 45 minutes and all in all it was a fun experience. I worked out the handicapping to so that I was not owning them as much as I was at the beginning of the game. The last game was an evenly matched fun fest that was fought on top of moving cars from the F-Zero series. It was nuts.

The only downside so far is the online mode. Apparently Nintendo wasn’t paying attention to the world of online gaming. They have a random person finder that dosen’t work… ever. The friend mode is great, except I have no friends with wiis, so I have no wii-friends. I have to go to websites to find wii-friends and so far almost all of them have turned out to be total asses. At least on xbox live you can mute d-bags and continue to play them and laugh that they are losing. My first online match I was basically pummeled by two young kids on the same console that didn’t even bother to fight each other they just ganged up on me. Some day the Internet slap will work and they will all pay.