I Love Myself an Ice Cream Loving Bunny

Posted on Feb 5, 2008

Coniglietto, or Coni for short, grew up in France. He spent most of his childhood running around the farms and what not in rural France. He came from a long line of Green Rabbits and was quite proud of his family heritage. Some of his great Granduncles had been seen running through the gardens of Louis the XIV Versailles.

You can imagine his shock when he found out that he had actually descended from peasant bunnies from Italy. In fact none of his relatives had ever been seen anywhere near Versailles. He vowed then and there that he would make it into Versailles garden and have his picture taking next to the Equestrian Statue of Louis the XIV.

He headed towards the palace, running along the road so as not to get lost. As he approached Versailles he came across a little fair. He had been walking a long time and figured that he could stop for just a little while. As he was fliting from stall to stall he came across an ice cream cone that some poor kid had dropped.

The ice cream smelled so good, like mint leaves and milk, he had to give it a try. It was heaven. He quickly ate all of the ice cream on the ground and becoming crazed ran around looking for more. As the fair day ended he had located the ice cream vendors stall and was ready for operation Mint Ice Cream.

After the moon had set, Coni set off on his mission. He crept ever closer to the stall, listening every step for any sound of guards. He clamored up the side of the stall and started to pry the window open. Just has he had the window open a little bit, there was a sudden noise…[more]

I also sold Blue Bunny… more super heros to come