Et Tu Brutus

Posted on Jan 25, 2008

If you have ever been to a jazz club you have probably seen this Hip-Cat roaming around. He dances and dances, wooing the ladies and charming the guys. He never fights or bad mouths anyone, he just spends his time looking cool. Of course it wasn’t always like that…

Brutus’ first memory is not a fond one. He remembers waking up to the sound of fighting, his brothers and sisters where at it again. It seemed that anytime that he was sleeping his siblings would find somehthing to fight about. After many sleepless nights listening to them fighting Brutus decided to run away.

He choose his luggage carefully: a hat, some money and his favorite record, The Chipmunks do Jazz. He wondered through town aimlessly at first, going to the barber shop, listening at a local school and dreaming of someday being a star.
After his first day on the streets, Brutus had only a little money left and wasn’t sure how he would get anymore. He though about going home but when he thought about the arguing, fighting and the lack of sleeping his resolve firmed up and he headed towards the music district.

A few days later he was trying to decide… [more]

This is a creature that I like a lot. He has an uplifting story, a great face and he is plaid. What more do you want. He is the first creature made from the 90 degree socks that I bought in Japan. These socks are great because instead of have a 45 degree heel it is 90 degrees. So the creatures have less lips and more of a snout. It rules.

I also sold Fuzzy Sofa. So he will soon be off to join a new family who will love his lanky-ness and his sweetness.