Sick of being sick

Posted on Dec 10, 2007

I was sick for most of last week. It was super duper lame. The only nice part was that Sarah was also sick so we got to have a sick kid vacation with each other. We both sat around looking hot; sniffling, coughing and feeling like shit. It ruled. We decided that next time we where going to have a vacation where we are not sick. It will be awesome.

One of the only good things about being sick is that I was able to rent Mass Effect and play it a whole bunch. I apparently lean towards the Paragon type of player, which means I follow the rules and what not. I haven’t beat it yet though I am on the final mission of my first play through. At least I think I am, who knows. I am then going to probably create a new character, loosely based on Duke Nukem, and play as a renegade. Id software might not be making Duke Nukem Forever but I will play as if they had. I plan on having Duke Shepherd be a renegade all the way, never being nice to anyone, except maybe the ladies.

Overall I found the experience of Mass Effect to be awesome. The story is amazing, I care about the characters and I enjoyed the combat. There was even a point where I had to choose between two of my squad mates, one would live and one would die. It took me about 5 minutes of real time to decide which one to let die. It was sad. I didn’t cry but there was a moment when I thought I might.

Of course on of the controversial parts of this game was the “sex” scene. It was soft core at best and while the graphics are good they aren’t that great to where you think it is real people having sex. I don’t think that they needed to add the scene in to make the game, just implying that it happened would have been good enough for me, though it did make me laugh how romantic movie they tried to make it.

I think that it is odd that they decided to allow you to have a lesbian relationship in this game and not allow you to have a gay men type relationship in the game. I think that there may not have been a lot of gamers that went that route but I think that it would have been nice if the option was available. Censors would have pissed themselves though. Lesbians = ok, Butt sex = Satan.