Funny Funny Fun Stuff

Posted on Nov 26, 2007
  1. I am growing facial hair for the first time. It is pretty hilarious and also a little bit itchy. I am hoping to have some fancy facial hair for our trip to Japan.
  2. I have started to make little felt creatures and am trying to sell them on etsy. I hope to become sucessful at this and even if I am not they are fun to build. Any good ideas on what sorts of creatures need to be made let me know.
  3. I am loving our new TV. It is huge, so huge that it dosen’t fit where it is supposed to. I think that my dad and I can fix that.
  4. I am loving Super Mario Galaxy. It is very well made and makes all other wii games less fun to play because I cannot fly through space around objects.
  5. Sarah and I are playing Super Mario World. It is so much fun and is as enjoyable as Galaxy. We did have to break down and buy a classic controller since Nintendo mapped the controls to the Wavebird like a retarded monkey having sex with a doorknob.
  6. I just rented Mass Effect, so I want to go home and play it. Stupid work getting in the way of playing games.