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Posted on Nov 3, 2007

That isn’t entirely true but its close. I have been updating The Usable Clown pretty steady for about two months now and I am starting to reap the benefits. It turns out that if you offer content about a subject that isn’t very well covered on the Internet people want to know about it.

I have spent a large amount of time on the Internet reading about how it is important to have your blog focus on one subject and one subject only. Within that subject it is important to be as highly focused as possible, that way you can target a very specific audience on the vastness of the Internet.

My niche is clowns that want to be more successful. One thing that has intrigued me since I started using feedburner is growing my subscriber list. Since starting The Usable Clown my subscriber list has grown by 200% a week. Even this last week where I have neglected the site I have received 50% more subscribers then the week before.

I have been using feedburner‘s email subscription and branding service and find it easy to use and it must be easy enough to sign up for since people seem to use it. I hope to keep growing the site and become _the _place to go for clown business information.

One thing that has really helped the site is that I have been trying to write my posts, on that site, as properly as possible. That means making sure to write to an audience and not making my post to I centric.

I am hoping to start including business card templates, website templates and an e-book. So if you are a clown who needs help on the business side of the game, check it out you will love it. Oh and I will probably add Adsense back into the front page again in the future, probably like another 6 months or so. As soon as I reach some big number of subscribers.