Good God Mario is so cool.

Posted on Oct 15, 2007

I have been following Super Mario Galaxy online since I first thought about how cool the Wii is. It comes out in about a month and I am afraid that I am going to be disappointed by this game. Not because it isn’t going to be awesome but because it is starting to believe its own hype.

We all remember Super Mario Sunshine for the GameCube. It should have been super awesome and amazing as the only thing that kept it from being awesome was not the lack of motion control. What kept the awesome out of the air was that there was nothing “new”. Sure there was a weird spray nozzle that let you clean up a mess you didn’t make, as well as allowing you to do really neat things. Of course those really neat things rarely helped move the story along. It seemed to me that they took Super Mario 64 and tacked on the spray nozzle and a bunch of goop.

Now Super Mario Galaxy is getting all this hype as being what Sunshine should have been and that what has me worried. Did the bosses at Nintendo go “Crap, we really screwed up that last Mario game. Lets just call do overs.” I don’t want to play Sunshine again….ever….unless I am really bored and stuck in a house with only a TV and Super Mario Sunshine.

Everything I have heard about Galaxy makes it sound super duper cool. It will have a Bee Suit and you will be(e) in space and all sorts of other cool things. What I want to know is why Nintendo refuses to let people select a different character for the person to play. I really enjoyed that part of Super Mario 2 (which I realize was a Mario branded Japanese platformer since Nintendo decided us Americans couldn’t handle the real sequel). If they allowed you to pick between Mario, Luigi, Peach and Daisy, they could easily adjust the story elements to fit that character.

Another thing that I am wondering about is why Nintendo after Hyping this Connect24 nonsense has yet to release a first party game that supports online play. I think that an online Mario coop would rule. Of course they would need to allow for another playable character but as I mentioned about ten lines above, how hard would that be really.

I am probably just afraid that I will be disappointed by this game so I am rejecting it right away. I will buy it and chances are that I will love and cherish it more then Mario 3… Oh who am I kidding Mario 3 is and always will be my favorite Mario game.