Sick as a giraffe

Posted on Oct 8, 2007

My throat is super duper pissed. The glands on the right side of my throat feel as if someone punched me square eye in the throat. It is so mad. I went to the Dr. and they did a strep culture and luckily I do not have the strep throat, though if I did I would have the perfect excuse to rent Command and Conquer 3 and play it while I was sick.

I just finished playing the demo of Command and Conquer 3 for the XBOX and found it at least as much fun as the original PC game. I am going to have to rent or buy the game so I can play the Brotherhood of Nod part of the game. I just remember that other then Dune this was the first real time stretegy game I had played. I have always enjoyed this genre of game and enjoy not having to do the actual fighting just sending the faceless grunts to their death.

I guess in a lot of ways I am just like Dubya. We both skip the important story section of the war game and just continue to send troops to their death. It must be nice to play these games in real life. Letting others go forth and fight a war that no one wants and just keep perpetrating the this war.

I find it interesting that as this war continues all anyone talks about is how we need to just withdraw from Iraq, which I think Dubya understands to be withdrawing into Iran. I think that unfortunatly for America and the rest of the world, withdrawing from Iraq is going to be a rediculous process, that will probably never truly happen unless we do it like a bandage and pull everyone out at once. taking the bad press that comes with it.

See what happens when I get sick, I tie world politics to a video game. Awsome