The Five Best Toys of my Childhood

Posted on Sep 17, 2007

I always remember sitting around the house playing with toys as a kid. I am sure that most of you have similar memories and here is the list of the best toys from my childhood(and maybe yours)

  1. M.A.S.K.-or _M_obile _A_rmored _S_trike _K_ommand was a task force that wore masks while driving in their transforming vehicles. They where just so cool, as a child raised without a TV I didn’t watch the cartoon, so all of my stories where made up from the mini comic that came with each toy and what ever other stories I could come up with in my mind.

  2. Matchbox cars- these metal die cast cars kept me busy for many an hour. The most fun was crashing them into each other and making jumps for them to go off. There where certain cars that had operable hoods, doors and trunks. Those where the best cars.

  3. G.I. Joes- kept me busy having little wars of my own. I always liked cobra better since their equipment was cooler. I typically bought either the underwater characters or the ninjas. Everyone knows that Snake Eyes is the best. My favorite toy I had was the hydrofoil.

  4. LEGOs- not much needs to be said about them, other then Harper is a LEGO stealer. The best sets where always the castle sets and I could play with those for hours and hours. If you where one of those really cool kids(like Harper) you could build whatever you want.

  5. Dinoriders- By far the coolest idea for a toy that I remember. It was pretty self explanatory and yet incredibly fun. If I remember correctly the bad guys where on the carnivores and the good guys on the herbivores and I guess the traitors must having ridden the omnivores. I learned more about dinosaurs from these toys then any other toy

What toys did you play with as a child? I really want to know.