Blast from the past

Posted on Aug 22, 2007

I have two words for everyone: Lemonade Stand. Only the best lemonade selling simulation ever. I am pretty sure Harper and I played it on the old Apple 2c, man it was awesome. I thought of this the other day as I was driving around trying to figure out how to be rich. I remembered how much fun that game was and how it taught us math as well as supply and demand. I got to thinking, I wonder if someone has recreated it online. A few clicks on the Internet later and poof, I had the new and improved Lemonade Stand.

This got me thinking. Why not and MMORPG of lemonade stand. You could start out with $20 and would need to compete with the kid across the street, you could advertise, buy bigger signs and try to drive them out of business. once they where out of business you could take over there stand or just open up a new one on a different street. It would also be possible to start a lemonade syndicate to work with other lemonade stands to put a particularly evil lemonade stand out of business. Apparently someone else thought the same thing, this seems to be less about running people out of business and more about making money.