**Update**Sad Day for the Ginger Cat**Update

Posted on Jul 27, 2007

Everyone’s favorite Ginger Cat is sick. We got home last night and he was acting very tired and wouldn’t eat his dinner. We are also pretty sure that he had been throwing up most of the afternoon.

Here are the pictures I took this morning.

On the way to the vet. He is normally a quite vocal cat, but this trip he just laid on his towel and looked sad.

Once we arrived at the vet’s office, he promptly hid under the table in the waiting room and yowled twice.

Once we where in the actual room he went and hid under the folding chair. Once the vet came it was time to get the examination done. SHe felt him up, took his temp and did an overall inspection. She declared him to be dehydrated and they are going to run blood test\x-rays\urine samples to make sure it isn’t anything serious. Here are some pictures why from when the vet went to go get the thermometer.

On that last one he was looking for an escape because he realized where they where going to put that thermometer. Just kidding. He was trying to figure out the whole plug situation. Send your thoughts and what not to this little sad ginger.


Blood tests back and it isn’t diabetes, liver or kidney disease, so he has that going for him. they are now doing xrays before squeezing urine out of him.

Update 2

First Xray done, cheast looks fine, they have an unidentified possible blockage in his intestines. They are not sure if it is an actual blockage or not. They are going to give him an anti nausea medicine and give him some barium to make any blockage stand out in another X-ray. I am expecting a call around 5ish to see if he is going to have to stay over night or not. Poor Ginger.

Update 3

Second Xray and everything is good. He has to stay over night so they can mae sure he is good but should be home tomorrow. Then we get to get the bill…..Yipee
Update 4

He is home. He has a under the skin water balloon style fat roll that hangs over one of his legs and a urinary tract infection. We went and picked him up at the vet and they told us that they where hoping if he went home he might pee by himself as well as eat a little. She told us that as long as he was peeing about a quater sized pee spot he would be fine. As soon as we got him home he peed for about a minute and it was about the size of two dollar bills. Go Reno.