I love it when nerds make something good for all of human kind

Posted on Jul 21, 2007

There are a lot of sites and services that serve no real purpose to the world. They are sites that lead to a lot of time wasting and a general sense of eh. I am of course talking about online games and places that let you create things you can’t afford online so you can dream of them.

But every now and then a site comes a long that helps you get things done and does it in a fun and exciting way. I am of course talking about ChoreWars. I stumbled uponm this and think that it is something that Sarah and I could actually use. And by Sarah and I, I mean Sarah using it to motivate me to do house work.

For some reason gaining XP for doing normal everyday household activities make me happy. Soon I will be a level 9 tub scrubber or something. It will be so awesome.