I am not really complaining

Posted on Jul 14, 2007

But what has been going on the past couple of days, specifically the last seven days. I have been pretty lax on updates and yet I find my adsense getting more action then the village bicycle. In the past seven days I have made $7.02. Which is awesome, I feel like I am being rewarded for not posting so that is good.

Anyway, back to school. School this week was good, we started to learn closings which is interesting and yet secretly annoying. Annoying because, unless dad is withholding ideas from me, I will never be doing a settlement sheet and so don’t need to learn how to do them. My current teacher seems to know his stuff and I guess is known as the Condo King of Lakewood, I wish I was known as the king of something. Besides of course the King of Lazy.

Another funny thing is that as Sarah and I where driving home the other day I noticed that one of the car dealerships near our house has a fluorescent green Lotus Elise for sale. I am not sure if they realize that they have a car dealership in Greeley and may find it difficult to sell that car. We seem to be much more of a Corvette\Mustang city as opposed to a Lotus city. I will be honest that if I had $65,000 I would go buy it today.

Super Smash Brothers just came out on Wii and I want it. I am conflicted between getting that or waiting for Bioshock to come out for the 360. Super smash Brothers would be a great party game for me and Jon to play, would probably allow us to waste time effectively and not have to keep plying tag on Forza 2. Bioshock on the other hand will be single player and probably a little bit creepy.