Last Week, up in here

Posted on Jun 30, 2007

Last week I spent the week in real estate school and have overall had a pretty good time. I learned a lot or at least got a lot of crap crammed into my brain. I received a 96% on my midterm and a 94% on the final for the Law and Practices class.

The next class is contracts and is supposed to be a little more difficult but I think I can handle it. I would, so far, reccomend Kaplan Schools to anyone who wants to become an real estate agent.

I have spent my off time studying and playing Forza 2. I find that I really enjoy the paint editor and have found that people seem to like the cartoon animals I do, though there was a lot of anger surrounding my Christians vs lions design.

I can understand that it might have been a subject not suited for a video game car, but I thought that it was hilarious and since it happened a long long long long long long time ago that I could avoid people getting mad. I admit I wasn’t entirely surprised when people got pissed, I was just surprised when someone said that I might have well but Hitler vs the Jews on the car.

There are times when the Internet makes me sad. Such as when you make a joke that is not meant to be at someone’s expense and some person who fails to see the humor starts to flame you. It is just dumb. Someday soon someone will invent the Internet punch and it will get a lot less annoying. Anyway here is the Chritians Vs. Lions car.