Day One: Morning

Posted on Jun 25, 2007

Arrived at school, on time and ready to rock. Placed lunch in trunk of car (bad choice,more on that later) and headed in to find classroom.

I parked on wrong side of building and ended up walking three times further then necessary. That’ll teach my gut.

Once I arrived in class, I picked a seat in the front row so I would be forced to pay attention and it was time to begin.

First hour of class was spent going over the course, what is expected of me as a student and learning school policies.

After that we got right into the meat of Laws and Practices. basically this course contains all of the information we need to pass the national part of the Real Estate exam. It is quite boring.

It is now lunch time and I am eating my hot chicken sandwich and trying to decide if I want to be adventurous and try eating hot grapes.

After lunch we will start unit 2 of the Laws and Practices Unit. Awesome.