Macbook Impressions

Posted on Jun 19, 2007

As a fairly long term PC user I was a little nervous about getting a Macbook. Not because I was afraid it wouldn’t work but because I hate learning new operating systems. Luckily not a lot has changed since I had my purple iMac back in 2000.

The main difference between the to Mac OS versions that I can see is the dock at the bottom of the screen. I find that this is an easier system to use then my Windows Taskbar that I have so full at work.

The only sad day is that getting to applications that you don’t want on you dock can be a lot of clicking compared to the Start menu in windows. However, it is rare that I need to use something not in the dock.

What has made this whole transition smoother is the fact that we haven’t been using our PC that much at home and once the Macbook arrived it was easy to get into Mac OS x thinking from work. I do find myself trying to use the same shortcuts in Photoshop on the mac as I use at work, which works out ok except when I need to be using the Open Apple key.

The funniest thing is that I find my self looking for the open apple key on my keyboard at work or ctrl clicking instead of using the other mouse buttons. It is awesome.