Collecting Supplies

Posted on Jun 17, 2007

I was able to aquire most of the wood we need from scraps at work. Wednesday afternoon I cut it into the pieces needed:

  • 8 6’ pieces
  • 12 4’ pieces

All the wood we need now is to build either a cat tree for them to climb on or a method to install shelves in to the inside of the cage structure.

I also found Hardware Cloth. This material has .5” square opening in the wire mesh. i figure this will allow a good amount of visability to the cats while preventing them from injuring themselves by getting an arm caught.

While at the shop I also collected an air compressor, a brad nailer, wood glue and a staple gun. I am hoping to start getting the frame together early next week and then pick up the hardware cloth on tuesday to fit on the outside of the frame.