Why I am glad I don't drive with a controller in real life

Posted on Jun 15, 2007

I was playing Forza 2 yesterday after work and was racing in my ford focus. I had recently done an engine swap from a 4 cylinder turbo charged front wheel drive monster to a less powerful (right now) v-6 rear wheel drive insanity.

Since I have spent most of my time in the game driving front wheel drive vehicles I was having a little trouble getting used to the difference in driving style between the two.

I was driving in the first race of the Amateur Cup and after the start I was in third place fighting my way up to first. Prior to getting on the big straight away I was still in third having caught the second place car and then spun out on a turn.

Finally on the straight I was able to catch the number one car, I passed him on the inside and went to shift from 5th to 6th when it happened. I miss pressed the shifting button, in fact i missed the up shift button all together and hit the Emergency brake. Since I was turning in front of the car I just passed to get back in the racing line, this caused me to hit the wall and start the destruction of my car.

Here is the timeline of the pictures:

I hit the wall, notice the glass flying around as I break out all of my windows.

Next as I spin away from the wall I am rear ended by the car I just passed, losing my spoiler.

Then I start to straighten out, thinking everything is A-ok. Notice the red car.

Finally I am hit by the red car and almost flipped(I was so disappointed)

After all of this, I was passed by every car as I tried to correct my path. I then but it into gear and went to try and catch up to at least the seventh place car(the red car the tried to kill me).

Luckily for me since I only hit my front end once, there was very little damage to my engine and the red car after hitting me destroyed theirs. So after a frantic lap playing catch up I was able to pass him just before going across the finish line.